Welcome to the DEBRIEFING page.

What are we trying to learn from this research?

The purpose of this research is to investigate how recall and recognition of information differs . depending on the nature of a stimulus and what is being asked to remember about the stimulus. Furthermore, this study will investigate the relationship between memory for these different types or aspects of stimuli and working memory span, processing speed, and fluid intelligence. The results of this study will help us understand the structure of memory and how it relates to other systems.

Why is this important to scientists or the general public?

We hope that this research will inform our ideas concerning the constructs of working memory, secondary memory, and fluid intelligence. It will allow us to better understand how different types of memory affect fluid reasoning, and how impairment or decline of these types of memory through normal aging may impact real-world problem solving.

Where can I learn more?

If you find this research interesting, you may want to read a little more about it. One article that is relevant to our study is:

Unsworth, N. (2010). On the division of working memory and long-term memory and their relation to intelligence: A latent variable approach. Acta psychologica, 134(1), 16-28.

What if I have questions later?

If you have questions you can contact Kyle Featherston (featherston.kyle@wustl.edu).